Fluff ‘n’ Stuff

The home of marshmallow fluff—and where to get a fluffernutter

fluffnstuff_0Photo: Geoff Hargadon


t may not look like much, but some of your sweetest childhood memories originated in this nondescript Victorian near Ball Square: It was here, in 1917, that candymaker Archibald Query invented marshmallow fluff, the key ingredient of the fluffernutter. Query sold his recipe for the sugary goo for just $500 and died poor. But he is not forgotten: Somerville pays tribute to him every fall at the campy Fluff Fest, featuring costume and cooking contests, performances, and the heroic Fluff Boy.



You can get a classic triple-decker fluffernutter with bananas at Moogy’s in Brighton; or with bananas and raspberry sauce at the Biltmore.

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