Winning Cup

Coffee and ice cream that hit it out of the park



he next time you buy a Fenway Frank, you might want to pair it with a cup o’ joe. You heard us: Win or lose, the Fenway Café has the perfect pre- or post-game pick-me-up, in a neighborhood where you wouldn’t expect to find it. It’s easy to miss, but the café has great coffee, much cheaper than at the chains, and ice cream that beats those Hoodsie cups and the soft-serve in the stadium, hands-down, with flavors including black raspberry and cake batter. There are longer hours during baseball season so you can get that caffeine hit before the game. O’Brien



Then-Red Sox owner John Taylor picked the name for Fenway Park in 1911 not only because that was what the neighborhood was called, but also to promote his other business, the Fenway Realty Company.