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A new, environmentally friendly way to enjoy fine wines

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rnest Hemingway said, “Wine is the most civilized thing in the world.” So you’ll remember fondly that side-eye you got the one time you brought boxed wine to a party. Shockingly enough, although you embarrassed them and yourself by lugging in a cardboard beverage holder, your host friends continued to speak to you after this grave faux pas. Believing you must have hit upon hard times, I guess they adopted the “for richer or poorer” concept in your friendship. How kind of them.

Now they can actually embrace this idea fully. Richer Pour will change the way people look at boxed wine. Recently launched for at-home purchase, these portable dispensers are new ways of toting around premium wines from Italy, Spain, France, and California.

Don’t give me that skeptical look. You’ve probably already tapped one at a favorite restaurant without even knowing it. Richer Pour on-tap wines are served in Tico, The Tip Tap Room, Via Matta, and Towne, to name a few. And now you can cleverly stack them in your own fridge, and bring them proudly to summer outings (no more glass bottles rattling around in your car).

You can do this with a clear conscience because you’re actually saving the world with every glass you pour. Each environmentally friendly box holds the equivalent of four bottles of wine, which translates to less waste. And, as if you ever needed this much time to finish it, the wine also stays fresh longer, up to 30 days.

Richer Pour’s tap box comes in six varietals—Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Cabernet, Sangiovese, Garnacha and, everyone’s summer favorite, a refreshing rosé from Languedoc. You can even sneak a peak of the vintage’s origin right on the box.

The Richer Pour tap box is available for $24.99 at more than 50 liquor stores, including Gordon’s, the Wine Emporium, and the Urban Grape.

Now you can show up at a barbecue without whispers and judging. That is, unless you wear those jean shorts. You know the one I’m talking about.

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