Veal Deal

A cozy Northern Italian restaurant with great veal dishes

©SusanOganPhoto: Susan Ogan


oncealed among the neon lights and strip malls of Route 28 on the south side of the Mid Cape is a Northern Italian oasis: Norabella, a cozy find with only eight candlelit tables and a menu not much larger, but big on taste. The Northern Italian dishes include standout veal selections, plus superlative soups (try the calamari soup if it’s on offer when you visit). But it’s not all about the veal. There are always a few fish dishes—this is, after all, Cape Cod—and the lasagna and chicken marsala are standards on the ever-revolving menu. Still room for dessert? There aren’t many choices, but that’s okay. Trust us. Get the chocolate-dipped cannoli shells with sweet ricotta cheese, fruit, nuts, and chocolate chunks. The friendly service here is noteworthy, too, especially since it’s so uncommon on Cape Cod, and chef and owner Jeff Wilson often makes the rounds to say hello.



Italians moved to Cape Cod in large numbers in the early 1900s to work at the Keith Car Works in Sagamore, which built freight rail cars and offered its employees unusually progressive benefits including group housing that still exists. Today, 9.4 percent of Cape Cod residents identify themselves as being of Italian origin.

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