True Blue

Candid Boston secrets from a Blue Man



ow banging its way through its 25th year on stage, the Blue Man Group has had a lot of time to root out Boston secrets. The group, which performs at the Charles Playhouse, is marking its longevity with its first world tour, a forthcoming coffee-table book, and a new album, Three. Our favorite Blue Man (other than Tobias Fünke, of course), Mike Brown, left, has been performing withIMG_0552the troupe since 2003, and has lived all over town during that time. Here are some of the secret spots he’s drummed up. Out of makeup, of course …


My favorite breakfast spot is the Breakfast Club in Allston. It has delicious food, with specials named after the characters from the movie (my fave is “The Basket Case”), plus ‘80s memorabilia I remember from my childhood.


I love going to Comicopia near Kenmore Square. It always has what I’m looking for, and the staff is super nice (superhero pun intended).


When I want to get some fresh air, I can count on Castle Island. I can’t decide what I enjoy more: watching ships roll in and out of the harbor or planes come and go from Logan. My favorite is grabbing an ice cream from Sullivan’s and walking around Carson Beach and Pleasure Bay.


In my hunt to find great oysters at a great price, I found Barracuda Tavern. This nautically themed place has tons of awesome food and drinks and, more importantly, $1 oysters all day Tuesday through Saturday (50 cents Sunday and Monday). They run out quickly, so get there early.


Comicazi in Davis Square rules. Looking for comics? They got ’em. Looking for board games? They got ’em. Looking for all kinds of toys, vintage and new? They got ’em! Looking for awesome handmade tote bags made from vintage Star Wars bed sheets? Yup!


While I’m nerding out, I should tell you that if you’re looking for board games then you want to check out Pandemonium Books and Games, which also has a lot of events built on connecting gamers and maintaining a community of people who love board games.


I love Lone Star. It’s a great beer and the inside of the caps have fun pictogram puzzles to solve. It’s a Texas beer, though, so it can be hard to find up here. The Independent, Five Horses Tavern, and Spoke Wine Bar all have it.


I get away from the hustle and bustle of the city at Walden Pond. It’s easy to forget that it’s only 30 minutes outside of the city. Take a drive. Hop on the commuter rail. Heck, call an Uber and invite your driver to enjoy nature with you. If you get hungry, try the Main Street Cafe in Concord, which is awesome.


I try to maintain a vegetarian/vegan diet. There are two places in Central Square that can’t be beat: Life Alive with vegetarian/vegan salads, wraps, soups, smoothies and more; and Veggie Galaxy, which puts a vegetarian/vegan spin on the diner experience.

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