Torte Sweet

A fancy restaurant where the secret is the last course



t sounds almost as good as it tastes: the “Through the Forest,” a candy-cap mushroom parfait dessert with maple roasted walnuts and cardamom mascarpone ice cream. And it’s the culmination of a chic, pricey, high-class, elegant, locally sourced meal that’s a fusion of French and New England cuisine at l’Espalier, where the secret is the last course. In fact, just go ahead and order the dessert tasting menu (seriously), which includes the parfait and also a dark chocolate soufflé with maple ice cream and
orange maple caramel and an apple tart tatin with vanilla bourbon caramel and vanilla ice cream.



The dessert that has been the subject of more litigation than any other in history is the sachertorte, developed by royal chef Franz Sacher, whose son continued the tradition but whose grandson took the recipe to his own bakery, resulting in a legal battle over the rights to the name.

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