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Get rolling with these nine cycling secrets



e don’t propose to take a side in the perpetual feud between Boston drivers and its colorfully spandex-clad riders (although we have noticed that it’s often paunchy drivers helming SUVs while downing Big Gulps and texting on their cell phones who are the first to honk at hapless bicycle commuters), but we do know some secrets that will appeal even to the most ardent critics of the two-wheeled masses who struggle to navigate our narrow, winding roads while dodging taxicabs and tantrums. For example, Boston was the site of America’s first bicycle factory—it’s now a fancy restaurant—and the jockstrap was invented to protect Boston bicycle messengers who rode on cobblestoned streets. (That’s the origin of the brand name “Bike.”) Ride along with us, and check out other riding opportunities. Here are seven Boston cycling secrets.


How to save big bucks on what you buy by cycling


The most interesting cycling club you’ve never seen


How to see Boston from a bike


Where you can buy a refurbished vintage bike


… or just see some, including wood-framed models with iron-banded wheels called “bone-crushers”


A hot, in-demand custom bicycle that’s built right here


A bike shop and café in one


A commuter bike made in Boston from bamboo


Where to buy refurbished bikes for a good cause

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