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How to stay on Martha's Vineyard for $35 a night

NantucketScenic_stepsBeach_Ogan_2012-1Photo: Susan Ogan


t can cost a boatload to stay on Marth’s Vineyard, but we know a place where you can get unbeatable deals. It’s the Vineyard hostel, and before you turn up your nose, this place has not only dorms, but private rooms for up to four, a game room, a relaxing yard with volleyball and picnic tables, nearby bicycle rentals, and a kitchen for the use of its guests. Because if you think it’s pricey to stay on this island, wait till you see how much it costs to eat. Named Hostelling Internationa”s friendliest hostel in the world in 2011, the Martha’s Vineyard outpost is also close to conservation areas and the beach.



The island’s small gene pool spread hereditary deafness until so many Martha’s Vineyard residents were born deaf that they started their own form of sign language, later merged into American Sign Language; you can see 19th-century sign-language instructions in the Martha’s Vineyard Museum. As many as one in four children in some generations was born deaf, compared to one in 6,000 on the mainland.

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