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Nantucket's hidden-away aquarium



enerously described as the size of a two-car garage, the Maria Mitchell Aquarium nonetheless crams a lot of local aquatic life into its small space, formerly the station for the tiny railroad that went from here to the Dionis section of the island. A surprisingly exotic assortment of local fish, caught at the beginning of the season and released at the end, are among exhibits that include everything from seahorses to octopuses to sharks. It’s almost enough to remind you that you’re on an island, and one of the few fun activities for kids on rainy days. There’s also a touch tank filled with crabs, clams, baby horseshoe crabs, and more. And after you pet them, it’s an easy stroll to town, where you can eat some of their relatives for lunch!



Tropical fish carried north by the Gulf Stream sometimes end up in the waters off Nantucket, including angelfish, groupers, butterfly fish, and damsel fish.

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  3. Mahée Ferlini Reply

    June 30, 2016 at 12:37 pm

    Wow, it’s amazing. Reminds me of a similar place I went often as a child! I love the immersive learning environment.

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