School of Fish

Lessons—and ingredients—for making sushi at home



he retail offshoot of a wholesale sushi-grade fish business that has supplied the likes of Fugakyu and Oishii, Sea to You offers everything you need to make sushi at home—including a sushi school—plus quick sushi to go at a great price. The best deal is the temaki hand roll, a choice of two huge, hand-rolled pieces with your choice of three ingredients, sauce, and white or brown rice. The fresh, sushi-grade fish to prepare at home ranges from the commonly served sake (salmon), maguro (tuna), and ika (squid), to chu-toro (fatty tuna), amaebi (sweet-water shrimp), and uni (sea urchin). But here you’ll get a pound of, for example, chu-toro—enough to make a half dozen 10-piece rolls—for what a sushi restaurant would sell a six-piece maki. There’s also a catering service, or you can bring home your own personal sushi chef. Another great secret: Students can stock up on
supplies after class at 10 percent off. Tuder



Sea to You sells kosher sushi, too, and provides sushi to kosher retail stores and synagogues.

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