Rest Stop

A Zen-like oasis from the chaos of Commercial Street

capePhoto: Nicole Pasquale


big part of the fun in P-town is the perpetual parade of gays, straights, Portuguese fishing families, and lost-looking tourists from Utah. When you need a secret place to escape from it all for a while, scout out the narrow alleyway with its entrance flanked by Buddhas. It leads to the garden in the back of Wa, a shop that sells aromatherapy, incense, soaps, candles, fountains, chimes, and everything else that can put you in a Zen state. The little garden is an often-overlooked oasis filled with sculptures, wind chimes, and soothing music that will soon have you refreshed and ready to rejoin the carnival that is Commercial Street.



If you like Wa, you’ll also like the Tao Water Art Gallery at 352 Commercial St. in Provincetown and 1989 Main St. (Route 6A) in West Barnstable, which features contemporary painting, printmaking, and photography by Chinese artists, showcased in sleek galleries that combine traditional Cape Cod beamed ceilings and wooden floors with moveable walls and display cases that are themselves a work of art in another tranquil, Zen-like setting.

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