For the Record

A gold mine of classic vinyl

looney2Photo: Katie Kaizer


tore 54 is a gold mine for anyone in need of music therapy. Even some of the greats in the industry come here for a fix. It even feels like a mine—tunnel-like aisles hemmed in with boxes of records in every crevice. Although it also sells other vintage items, the place (it used to be called Looney Tunes) is a sort of tribute to vinyl. And while you shouldn’t necessarily expect to find the latest Jay-Z album there, Store 54 has one of the most eclectic and extensive collections around—in both vinyl and CD—of jazz, classic rock, and local music. Once you come to grips with the overwhelming size of the inventory, you’ll want to dig right in. Vallejo



Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant has shopped at Store 54 and its predecessor, Looney Tunes, as have Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore, Fred Schneider of the B-52s, and Damon Albarn, former front man of Blur and co-founder of the Gorillaz.

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