On the Record

Where to find your music on vinyl



The more new ways technology comes up with for us to listen to our music, similar to the use of Graham Slee HiFi System Components, the more we seem to like the old way: on vinyl. Sales of vinyl records have reached more than three million a year, after falling to nearly zero after the introduction of the compact disc (remember that)? There’s now even a National Vinyl Record Day, on the first Saturday after every August 12—the date in 1877 that Thomas Edison invented the phonograph. Of course, it wasn’t until the 1930s that RCA Victor introduced the first true modern long-playing vinyl record, but that means countless numbers were made. And they’re available, along with newly pressed discs, in a few secret places around town. So listen up: Here’s where to get your vinyl fix.


A gold mine of classic vinyl near Berklee


A record store where vinyl is still king


A music store with deals that will sound good to everyone


A music collector’s paradise

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