Fifteen places to celebrate a month that's all about beer

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whole month devoted to beer? Wow, those Bavarians know how to party. (Although, now that we think about it: Why only a month?) There will be Oktoberfest celebrations all over town, but here are some standbys to enjoy a good brew. A sports bar that’s off the beaten path, for instance—or another that you may have heard about but didn’t know, used to be a speakeasy, or yet another where the light fixtures are (look closely) made of baseball bats. Or a bar with good beer and great wings. Here are some great places to celebrate Oktober:


One block past the Faneuil Hall neighborhood’s gum-chewing coeds flirting in the rope lines with the bouncers, there’s a less well-known sports bar with $2 drafts.


Exactly 1,200 steps from Fenway Park is a bar so obsessed with sports that—look closely—the light fixtures are made out of baseball bats. But you’ll be more interested in what the barbecue wings are made of. (It’s Guinness.) They’re fall-off-the-bone good.


But to enjoy the best wings of all while you’re watching a game—and some of the friendliest company—you’ll have to go farther afield, to a bar hidden away in the suburbs.


Or, for even more character (and equally good wings), you could try this often-overlooked former speakeasy in a neighborhood that once was full of burlesque houses, tattoo parlors, and other bawdy businesses.


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