Mass. Marketing

A voice on soundtracks everywhere—for good reason



ill Dailey’s voice, a laid-back mix of Chris Martin’s broad attack and Kings of Leon’s Caleb Followill’s well-traveled rasp, has big business written all over it. (And, hell, Martin and Followill both know a thing or two about selling records.) His music has appeared in more than 30 episodes of TV shows including CSI, NCIS, 90210, Gossip Girl, and Numb3rs. Dailey’s songs are accessible, but never forced upon you, as if they’re part of an elaborate marketing scheme. He’s also not afraid to dip into the rustic and unrefined. It would be like Coldplay if they ditched the ambiguous anthems and spent a few months on a sweaty front porch, slugging beers and writing straightforward love songs. It’s easy to believe Dailey’s words because he brings us to places we’ve all been, a skill only the good songwriters have. Wallace

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