Make the Yule Tide Gay

A hot holiday hideaway you may not have considered



ere’s a secret worth sharing: Provincetown is fast becoming a holiday destination of choice for discriminating queers. (That is, queers who don’t discriminate against gay people, just those who are discriminating about where they sleep. In terms of their lodgings, anyway.)

Local stores boast gay apparel galore at major discounts from the summer season. Restaurants are open and warm.

If you already have plans for Christmas, another big event is New Year’s Eve. P-town’s off-season community is beginning to swell to in-season numbers with special dinners, brunches, and general carousing.

But if you want a real secret, and you’re in a romantic mood, then the real weekend to catch is Valentine’s Day, which is only just beginning to gain traction. Catch this event at its sweet spot, when it is attended just enough to offer some great things to do, but not so big that it’s a zoo.

Make your reservations now.

James Lopata is editor of Boston Spirit magazine.

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