Kitsch and Tell

Nine places to relish the kitsch

oganPhoto: Susan Ogan


n a world of pretentiousness and fashion snobbery, we’ll take kitsch. It can make us smile, maybe make us grimace, but definitely distract us from the present. And sometimes that’s a good thing. It can be hard to find true kitsch in our town, sleek and stylish as it is. But that’s why you depend on us, right? Here are some secret centers of kitsch—to gawk at, surround yourself with, and even take home. (And if your idea of kitsch is retro or vinyl, click on those and find them, too.)


Great food in an alternative universe of leis and Elvis figurines


A museum devoted to art so bad it’s good


Zombie-inspired diversions in a tiny game store


A little bit of Texas in Allston


A retro café that will take you back to the days of ice cream sodas and lime Rickeys


A retro diner that will take you back in time


An antiques megamart—with a surprise in the basement


Antique vintage and apparel with enduring style


A hidden haven where the hip go bowling

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