Fresh Take

A retro produce store worth going out of your way for

mainimage_16Photo: Susan Ogan


ired of the wilted selection at the supermarket—or the perfect pyramids of produce in the organic foods store? Get a fresh take at Johnny D’s Fruit & Produce and be reminded of what it was like to shop at a neighborhood fruit and produce shop. Owner John DePietro, who picks his produce before dawn at the produce market in Chelsea, even offers on-the-spot tastings of whatever you’d like, just to prove how good it is, and will steer you to what’s the freshest, and the best value for your money. Arpie



Much of the produce you eat was hauled on a once-a-day train along a nine-mile railroad laid out in 1847 from Boston to the Chelsea Produce Market. The right of way between Pacific Street and Broadway in Cambridge is owned by MIT.