Over Flowing

A hipster hangout with more than 140 beers

1_35Photo: John Fischer


here’s at least one bar in Boston with plenty of parking. That’s because Bukowski Tavern is in a parking garage. And that’s only one of its many eccentricities. Long and narrow with hipster bartenders and waitstaff, dimly lit with one long aisle of bar stools and a dozen tables, Buke’s is where the employees of other restaurants come when their shifts are over. It has one of the biggest selections of bottled beer in Boston (there’s also a Cambridge location), with more than 140 bottled and a dozen draft varieties (including “high-octane” beers with 8 to 12 percent alcohol), and food that’s surprisingly good (considering the size of the kitchen) and incredibly cheap. And the kitchen is open till 1 a.m. Try the peanut-butter burger—exactly what it sounds like, and delicious—or the pesto burger with fresh mozzarella. The prices at lunch are even lower—a few bucks for a burger or a hot dog. Enos



Bukowski’s is named for writer Charles Bukowski, a onetime mailman whose work largely centered around drinking and womanizing, both of which he practiced to excess. There’s a mural of him on the wall.

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