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Need a dominatrix corset? We've got you (un)covered.

GETradingPhotos: Tracy Condidorio


he next time you need a beaded flapper dress, 1950s petticoat, or French maid outfit, we’ve got you (un)covered: Small, wood-floored Great Eastern Trading Company is stuffed full of frilly, polka-dotted ’80s frocks, dominatrix corsets, and Dreamgirls-esque beaded bodices. Pink and black tutus hang from the rafters, and Joker masks line the walls. Whether you’re dressing for Halloween, a good old-fashioned costume party, or, well, streetwalking, Great Eastern is bound to have the perfect outfit. And, just off the beaten path from Central Square, it also serves as a gem-filled thrift shop. Medoff



More than half of all Americans buy a Halloween costume, spending an average of $38.11 each or a total of around $5 billion annually.

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