In Convenience

A wee bit of Ireland—at the back of a convenience store

620x300gerards copyPhoto: Susan Ogan


ver wondered what it must have been like to live during Prohibition? Sneak through the convenience store stocked with Irish specialty items to the speakeasy-like Gerard’s, a bar and restaurant that gives new meaning to the words “hard to find.” It’s well worth the hunt, though, for the friendly service and Irish fare—authentic Irish breakfasts, fish and chips, burgers with Irish bacon, fish cakes. It’s like a wee bit of the old country. And you can stop on the way out for a half gallon of milk and some lottery tickets. Germain



Dorchester was incorporated in 1630 separately from Boston, and was sparsely populated but was the site of the first town meeting in America (1633) and the first public elementary school (1639). Pictures hanging in Gerard’s show the neighborhood when there was hardly anything else there.

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