Coach Class

Private training that can help you run for the gold



he relatively covert location below street level isn’t the only secret about the Boston Running Center, where an elite group of private coaches help athletes meet their physical goals through a variety of methods, beginning with a free consultation and progressing to a video gait analysis. One of the top training centers in this standout running town—once you find the place, that is—the BRC works with anyone from beginners just starting out to veteran runners who want to better their marathon times. You can get personal training, nutrition plans from licensed dieticians (some of them marathoners themselves), and even athletic massages. Araki



The Boston Marathon was 24.5 miles until well after the standard distance of 26 miles and 385 yards was set by the International Amateur Athletic Federation when King Edward VII wanted to watch the start of the 1908 Olympic marathon from Windsor Castle, which proved to be 26 miles from Olympic Stadium in London, where once around the oval running track added another 385 yards. It wasn’t until 1927 that the Boston course was extended to its current length.