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A bookstore where everything is half price

yeagerbookstorePhoto: Morgan Ione Yeager


n the age of personal tablets and audio texts, it’s nice to hold and read a real book. But, let’s face it: It’s becoming as hard to find a bookstore here, in what was once the capital of them, than it is to find a place that still rents videos. We’ve got you covered. Hidden though it is below street level, Raven Used Books is worth tracking down for its mint-condition used books for half the price of new. Raven’s shelves are neat and easy to navigate and its staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Come back often; the store adds about 1,000 books to its collection every week, and there are frequent-buyer discounts. Hamedy



With one percent of the nation’s population, Bostonians buy 3.3 percent of the books.

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