Bargain Boutique

A chic consignment store with city style—in the suburbs



udging from the bounty at Revolve, women in some of Boston’s most fashionable suburbs don’t go out much. The pre-owned clothes for sale here seem hardly worn, but they’re as good as what you’ll find downtown—at a nip and tuck of the retail price. And if that’s not enough to beckon you in, the glass cases displaying Gucci and Chanel handbags, Hermès scarves in their familiar orange boxes, and Louis Vuitton will. There’s everything from J Crew to Armani hanging on the racks. And if you want to sell your own stuff, you’ll receive 40 percent of the sales price, putting that Chanel handbag in reach. Leccese



Americans spend more than $250 billion a year on women’s luxury products. The average woman buys three handbags a year.

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