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New York secrets hidden around Boston

nycPhoto: Susan Ogan


ure, it’s the city Boston loves to hate (and that hates us back), but come on. Let’s tawk: There’s some love in our relationship with New York, too. Because after the ball games are over, we pine for a New York-style pizza or a good deli sandwich piled high with tangy corned beef. We schlep south on the Acela to remember what it’s like to stay out after 2, or take the subway home past 12:45 a.m. Sure, New York sends us the occasional used-up Broadway show and most of the enrollment at BU, but we’ve also managed to import these few great New York secrets worth seeking out:


A corned-beef sandwich from a deli that will transport you to New York


Good New York-style pizza in Beantown


Where in Boston Babe Ruth came when he retired from the Yankees


Genuine New York pizza you’ve passed by a million times


Boston favorites of a real housewife of New York

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